Max Kirillov (max630) wrote,
Max Kirillov

if necessary for navigation

читая CNN, нашёл упоминание об истории, о которо читал ещё давно. Американские военные корабли заходили в наши территориальные воды, провоцируя конфликт. Нашим это не нравилось, но стрелять по ним они не решались. В конце концов придумали их таранить.

The Yorktown was cruising through Soviet waters, exercising a rule called "right of innocent passage," which allows ships in international waters to peacefully pass through territorial waters if necessary for navigation.

"While we were doing it, we were using our radar to look into Russia, but of course we didn't tell them that," Watts said.

...Russian ship hit the Yorktown twice, apparently trying to knock it off-course.
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